RPA is an ongoing process that’s half strategy, half technology. Our consulting services cover all aspects. We first help you identify and prepare processes to enable automation, taking into account budget, priorities, and other business considerations. Then we guide you through your first implementation and enable you to take lead in your Robotics journey. We help you setup your own Center of Excellence and Robotics Operations Center or take care of it completely for you. On the technology front, with clients such as NICE and ThomasCook, it’s safe to assume that we really know our stuff. We’re agile out of the box thinkers with a flawless track record getting clients out of tight spots.


We realize that in order to get the most value out of NICE Advanced Process Automation, we often have to have deep industry knowledge. Our development team uses the technologies to give your applications and processes new capabilities. At times, we will develop an add-on for a specific step in a process that takes an entire group of other processes to new levels of efficiency. In short, once you get into the nuts and bolts of RPA and its derivatives, you discover a limitless new world, and our brave development team thrives on challenges.


Even with the strongest automation tool you sometimes face issues with connecting to application. Our own inhouse R&D department with deep knowledge on Robotics and AI, together with a strong relationship with NICE enable us to deliver projects within a short timeline.


Our training approach goes top to bottom and from end to end. Our experience shows us that covering all bases really helps to put things in perspective and maximize the vast potential of process automation.
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